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The Faculty of Design encompasses Art and Design and Technology. Creativity, both thinking and productive, link the subjects taught in Design. Our aim is to equip every child with skills for learning, life and work through innovative learning experiences.

Visual literacy, communication, problem solving, analysis and evaluation underpin our BGE and Senior phase curriculum.

PT Faculty

Mr L Moffat


Ms C Roychowdhury

Miss C Simpson

Mrs F Stout


Miss C Alguero

Mrs D Stewart


BGE Design

3x50minutes Art & Design, Graphics, Technical


3x50minutes Design Practical

2x50minutes Graphic Communication

Senior Phase

Art & Design N3 – Advanced Higher

Design & Manufacture

N4 – Higher

Graphic Communication

N4 – Higher

Practical Woodwork

N4 – N5

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Please refer to the contact information detailed on the Meldrum Academy website.

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