Mr Moffat’s N4/N5 Deadlines

Not as joyous as the previous post but important nonetheless

Thursday 14th December

Critical Studies

Research completed on 2 Artists and 2 Designers chosen from options studied in class. You should also have a Confident understanding of analysis headings (question bullet points).
Good understanding of 1 example of work by each artist / designer.

Expressive Folio


3 analytical drawings relevant to chosen theme. Using at least 2 different media

Minimum 3 compositions completed.

Design Folio

Detailed written design brief.
Investigation images identifying similar products, target users and environment. 3 examples of each.

2D Pattern
Motif development completed with at least 4 development stages.
2 Experiments with pattern development printed or digital


3D product
Initial idea sketches 4 development stages
2 3D experiments different materials or construction techniques.”


Mid January/Mock Assessment period

Art and Design Studies Paper

Thursday 1st February

Expressive Folio

All development compositions completed. Expressive Final Outcome underway

Thursday 22nd February

Design Folio

Design Development pieces complete planning for Final Outcome completed.

Thursday 29th March

Deadline for completion of all practical work.


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